Handyman Services for Landlords

SlateHouse Group Property Management manages over 1000 residential units and exclusively utilizes our services because we provide a solution to a complex problem.  If you are a landlord then you understand how much of a nightmare rental property maintenance can be.  Maintenance costs are often what prevents a landlord from being successful.  It is important that landlords have a cost effective solution for property maintenance. 

Look no further.  SH Handyman provides just what every landlord needs.  We understand that rental properties repairs are different than a personal home repairs.  Unfortunately most tenants do not treat a rental property the way a homeowner does.  SlateHouse has makes repairs with that in mind.  We use durable products that hold up over time.  We also use finishes and paint colors that appeal to the masses.

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Paperless/Pay Online

The process can be paperless.  Schedule service online. Once the job is complete you'll get an invoice.  You can pay online with a credit card if you prefer.